Pave The Way To Financial Freedom In Just 30 Days


your money story

Get up close and personal with money, your history together and then get clear on your how you would like things to be different.

room for money

Discover a powerful system for creating designated space for your money to come into your world so that the Universe knows you can handle any amount of money that it sends you.

your money

Get ready to be shown the exact steps to call in any amount that you require and be shown how to get into the 'receiving state’ to allow the Universe to do it’s job without you in the way.

Super Fun, Step by Step Instructions that are easy and quick to follow.

Each Lesson comes with a beautiful 'fillable' PDF Workbook - without the fluff!

I cut straight to it, only including what you need to implement in each step of this journey, outlining the exact method to do so.

1 x Group Training Video: to help you to align with your abundance goals FASTER.

Together we will walk through each step of The Majikal Money System answering your questions as we go. 

We will also clear the TOP 5 BELIEFS that people have around money so that you can remove these blocks from your energetic blueprint, allowing for money to manifest faster.



It's now even easier to access the place of abundance and joy from within with this MP3! 

Created using Tibetan singing bowls (in note 'D' which relates to the Sacral Chakra - hello abundance!!) & the Sounds of the Universe.

Majikal Bonuses to keep you on track after you finish this course.

Featuring the latest Updated Edition The Wild Majik Morning Ritual + TWO Guided Meditations to accelerate your results.

Access to the entire Majikal Money System in a sexy private Membership Area!

Oh and it's super easy peasy to navigate and access all of the goodies - see ya later procrastination!

Your Investment: $199

Here's What You'll Learn

You will be walked step by step through the EXACT process that I have used to completely rewrite my money story and attract crazy amounts of money into my world CONSISTENTLY!

I have taught this process to many clients, one of whom was able to manifest $20,000 in ONE DAY! I am so excited to teach you the same process so that you too can have what you desire EMERGE!

I'll teach you everything you need to know about why you haven't been able to have the abundance you have been craving and how your old stories around money have been keeping you stuck. 

From here you will learn how to write a new money story, getting clarity on what it is that you really want to experience.


You will be shown the exact powerful system that I use (and have had my clients successfully replicate) where you will create designated places for your money to go.

If you have had money come to you in the past that has left you almost as fast as it has come in - then it has most likely been due to not having a responsible way to manage your money. 

The secret that no-one tells us is that by actually showing the Universe that we can handle ANY amount of money that comes to us by using a system to manage it, more money just keeps coming and coming! So I will teach you how to make this happen for you!


Finally, you will learn the exact majikal process to call in what you require PLUS raise your vibration to meet this higher level of abundance by learning how to access the 'receiving state'. 


Most people do this backwards when manifesting as they repel what they have asked for by constantly re-affirming that they don't have it! I have learnt a little trick to overcoming this and by applying it daily HOLY do things rapidly manifest!


By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to achieving financial freedom and living the life of unlimited abundance. 


Get ready for crazy miracles to happen for you and for your mind to be blown when you see first hand just how majikal your life can be.


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